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Just over a week ago I Kindled for the first time. I’ve already got books on the Kindle – put there by my publisher – but this was very much my baby. PRIEST is the first in a set of four – or Tetralogy, appararantly! Nice word. Comprising the SWORDWEAVER series.  It is kind of still in the Crime genre, but there’s an air of spookiness about it and two storylines, one contemporary and one set in 890. The two timelines and sets of characters have an impact one one another, despite the time and distance separating them. It’s a book I’ve been writing for a while, revised, played around with and I’ve finally discarded the revisions and, largely, gone back to the first draft – with some small tweaks and a lot of polishing

It’s funny, the way this works out.  Everything needs work; polishing, refining, interweaving of new threads, but sometimes first impulses are the best, the freshest and the most intense and you can edit something to death. It’s a bit like over mixing the colours when painting overmix and all you end up with is mud.

Anyway, PRIEST now has a life, released into the Kindle-dom and hopefully soon on other platforms – when I finally figure out how to convert a word file into epub! And later into print on demand. It is an odd feeling though, after all these years of relying on the validation given by having a publisher, to now be doing this all on my own and without a safety net but it feels pretty good. Now I’ve just got to write the other three…