Earlier this year I joined the wonderful group, Mystery People, run by the equally wonderful Elizabeth Sirett.


Lizzie was really kind to me when I first started out, reviewing my first books and being so encouraging and supportive. My joining Mystery People had been delayed for far too long! but I’ve done it now and find I’m in very good company.

Mystery People put out a monthly newsletter, full of  reviews, interviews and information for Crime fans. Lizzie and her team have been kind enough to review my backlist over the past few months and I am so very grateful for the thoughtful and positive comments. Reviewing is a real art and Mystery People have that art down pat – as my mother used to say….never been quite sure what it meant, but it was good!

So, if you are a fan of crime and mystery novels, enjoy good company and informed commentary, go and take a look at the Mystery People website.

And thank you again to Lizzie and her team.