Jane Adams is the author of 24 published Crime novels, published by Pan Macmillan, Allison & Busby and Severn House.

Website:     http://janeadams.wix.com/writer





The Greenway  1995 published by Pan Macmillan

Cast The First Stone 1996 published by Pan Macmillan

Bird 1997 Published by Pan Macmillan

Fade to Grey 1998 Published by Pan Macmillan

Final Frame 1999 Published by Pan Macmillan

The Angel Gateway 2000 Published by Pan Macmillan

Like Angels Falling 2001 Published by Pan Macmillan

Angel Eyes 2002 Published by Pan Macmillan

Dangerous to Know 2004 Published by Allison& Busby

A Kiss Goodbye 2005 Published by Allison & Busby

Mourning The Little Dead 2002 Published by Severn House

Touching the Dark 2003 Severn House

Heatwave 2004 Severn House

Killing a Stranger 2006 Severn House

Legacy of Lies 2007 Severn House

Blood Ties 2010 Severn House

Night Vision 2011 Severn House

Secrets 2013 Severn House

Gregory’s Game 2014 Severn House

A Reason to Kill 2007 Severn House

Fragile Lives 2008 Severn House

The Power of One 2009 Severn House

Resolutions 2010 Severn House

The Dead of Winter 2011 Severn House

Cause of Death 2012 Severn House

Paying the Ferryman  2014 Severn House

Forgotten Voices 2015 Severn House

A Murderous Mind 2015 Severn House