It’s not often that I’m tongue tied, but this is one of those times. Just what to write about? Friends who Blog regularly  tell me it really doesn’t matter; write about what interests me and it will all be fine. Right now that seems easier said than done!

OK, maybe I should start with the obvious. I am a writer, I tell strories, create characters and I suppose, on a good day, that is one of the things that defines me. On a bad day, when the words don’t want to flow and the characters are being contrary and the plot…what plot? Well, on those days I think of myself as anything but. Mostly, it feels ok as a definition. Sometimes it feels wonderful.

I suppose, writing Crime, it is inevitable that most of my work is quite dark. After all, its all about people doing pretty dreadful things to one another, though I hope that’s balanced by people doing some pretty special things too. I enjoy my characters even if sometimes what I think I want to do with them really turns out to be the last thing they seem inclined to oblige with.

Other than writing, artwork of all kinds is very close to my heart. I love to paint, to draw, make prints, make jewellery. It makes me fell calm and happy and alive and usually more or less does what I want it to do as long as I’m not aiming for dark or scary. It’s almost as if all that stuff goes into the writing and just leaves behind the quirky, the nonsensical. I’m inspired by the natural world, by myth and legend and also my my husband – he makes armour and I help with a lot of his research….and I don’t really care that knights didn’t actually ride on Rhino. They should have done.


OK, I’m going to leave it there and attempt to post this! I’m really not usually a technophobe, but this seems to be bringing out my inner Luddite!